A Praise to Magic Hat Beer

I just have to say that I feel that it is really good to have a favorite beer (or at least brand of beer). For me it is all about Magic Hat Brewery which produces in my opinion some of the best damn beer I’ve ever had. My current favorite of theirs is their hefeweizen brew Circus Boy, which has a smooth flavor and just a hint of lemon. Of course I can also never turn down Magic Hat’s front beer #9, the not quite pale ale with a slight taste of apricot. And all and all almost any of their other regular beers provide a good refreshing drink.

Unfortunately Magic Hat is still relatively small and hard to find out of the North East and so living down in SC for the past three months I really haven’t been able to have any Magic Hat. But just last week my parents came to visit me and were kind enough to bring me a mixed twelve pack of some of Magic Hat’s brews (of course including Circus Boy and #9). Still I miss being able to go to the brewery (which was only about 15 minutes away from where I lived in Vermont) and getting a fresh growler (half a gallon for you lay-folk) of beer. Hopefully some good distribution will work out and I’ll be able to find a tap pouring Magic Hat down here in the not too distant future.

~ by Nathaniel on August 23, 2007.

One Response to “A Praise to Magic Hat Beer”

  1. Excellent beer and one that I have been a fan of for years myself. I live in the NE, so common beer for me. Up here, the Dogfish Head beer company has made a great trip north. Sure you had this beer. Their 60 Minute IPA is one of the best in that category (my favorite category). Cheers to 2012 to ya.

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