The long road to happiness (a reprise to “A praise for Magic Hat”)

Sometimes you just have to get up and go somewhere to get what you need to be satisfied with life at the present. Maybe you need a good bacon cheeseburger. Or you just have to get the new CD of whoever is hot in the music bizz at the given time. Or maybe you have to climb into a Chevy Silvarado at 8:45 at night to head to North Carolina to find an Ingles that sells Magic Hat; that is what I did last night.

Walker, the owner of the house where I live drove; Mad, my roommate took shoty; I climber into the back passanger seats (the extended cab feature makes the Silvarado quite a roomy ride). We headed north on a trip that we thought couldn’t possibly take more than an hour there and back. We grossly miscalculated. Google Maps failed us and we ended up driving down numerous side roads in the hills of North Carolina looking for the ellusive Ingles. For some time we didn’t see much, most likely because it was night, and we were in the woods. Finally after having already been on the road for over an hour we seemed to catch the light of civilazation. We found ourselves on a busy strip of road boardered by all sorts of commercial development. Walker pulled into a lit up auto parts store and asked a man in the parking lot if he knew where the 24-7 Ingles was. The man gave us directions that led us another mile and a half down the road. Then we were there, we’d found the Ingles. Glowing with bright red neon and blinding white florescence it was like some oasis at the end of our travels through the desert of uncertain directions. Releaved to get out of the truck for a bit we entered the store and found our way to the beer and wine section and there we found a whole bunch of Magic Hat twelve packs. We grabbed eight, completely filling our cart, and made for the register. Even with the amount of time it took us to check out we were likely only in the store for about ten minutes. It is the way these things have to be. We weren’t going to the destination to linger, we were going to get, and when we had got, it was well passed the time to be heading home. Walker made a quick stop at a McDonalds’ drive-thru to grab himself a happy meal and then we were on the road again. We got back tired but pleased by the success of our goal at about 11:30. It was time for bed.

And while getting up this morning was a little rough I have to say that seeing the boxes of Magic Hat downstairs was a great sight. And the road itself is a wonderful thing. Just the riding, the going to some place you’ve never been before, that is an adventure. It was night and I couldn’t make out much of where we were but it was somewhere new and that to me seems good. Sure it may have taken considerably longer then we had intended but we met with success in the end which just goes to show that sometimes you just got to be willing to take the long road to happiness.

~ by Nathaniel on August 28, 2007.

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