Tri-Colored Pasta Kicks all other Pastas’ Asses

I like pasta, which I realize is a pretty general statement that probably does not do much to distinguish me from a very large portion of the world, but it is a truth and so I feel like saying it. In any given week I wouldn’t be surprised if I ate some kind of pasta about five days a week. it is a pretty steady staple in my diet (I like rice too but do not eat it nearly as often). Last night I was making dinner with pasta (those twirly ones that kind of look like augers, I can’t remember what they are called) and I was pissed off because I had forgotten to get the kind that I really wanted when I was at the store earlier. I wanted the same designed noodle but instead of whole wheat I wanted tri-colored pasta which is my all time favorite kind of pasta regardless of the shape. Lacking the tri-color that I so desired I got myself to thinking and wondering why the hell all pasta isn’t just normally tri-colored? I mean are there really people who are that opposed to the tri-colored pasta? Sure the noodles have slight taste differences, but really not that noticeable. And yes they are indeed different colored (green for spinach, and a orange-redish for tomato). But seriously they are entirely more fun than just plain bleached flour pasta. It seems to me that there is an all together lack of available tri-colored pasta in supermarkets, I mean how often do you find tri-colored linguine? You don’t, probably because people are colored pasta prejudice. and don’t give me the ol’ “I’m allergic to spinach” crap, man that just sucks for you, pick the green ones out. But alas I find myself living in a world where the tri-colored pasta just isn’t all that appreciated, oh well. I suppose I could always take the time to make my own tri-colored pasta but boy that sure does inconvenience me something fierce. Fortunately whole grain pasta is still really good and much better for you than the bleached stuff, so in lieu of tri-colored I guess it will have to do.

~ by Nathaniel on September 10, 2007.

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