I hate people who take my parking place even if, essentially, it isn’t “my” parking space.

Are other people as picky about parking places or seating places as I am? I don’t know why but I really just like to park in the same place, or to have my specific seat (whether in a class or at a dinner table). I guess it has something to do with liking constancy and creating a habit. But boy I haven’t even been working at my job a whole two months yet and I get quite irritated when somebody takes the parking spot that I like. A part of this may be because I drive a big ass Chevy Silvarado which is really hard to park except in my preferred parking place. of course the lesson that i may be able to take out of this is that maybe I should either learn to park my truck better or drive a smaller vehicle. Still I get so used to a parking place that if I end up parking somewhere else i often forget where I put my car, and that sucks because then I get out of work and wonder around kind of aimlessly (and if it’s shaping up to be a real bad day then I likely locked my keys in the car too). Growing up my brother used to love to take my seat at the table just to piss me off, man that got my goat, probably led to a number of brotherly brawls. Of course my parents would just tell me suck it up and sit somewhere else. if my truck was just a little bigger I bet people wouldn’t take my parking place because then I’d just run over them. Of course it is an open parking lot and people are allowed to park where they please but . . . god damn hard to park big ass truck, you also cost me a lot in gas money.

~ by Nathaniel on October 2, 2007.

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