Karma gives you free wine when you don’t skip on your bill

Last night after finishing our first bottle of wine at Sassafras in downtown Greenville (half off bottles of wine Wednesday nights makes Alcohol Wednesday very fun) Bear, Mad, and I slowly became annoyed that our waitress hadn’t come back to check on us for almost half an hour. In fact nobody had checked on us to see if we wanted another bottle or might be ready for our check and so we all began to consider the possibility of just leaving (that’s right, skipping on the bill too). Alas we three are all too moral (or, more likely, a single bottle of wine wasn’t gonna cut it for us) and Mad went to the bar asking if we could get another bottle. But here is the pay off, when we asked for our bill after finishing the second bottle we ended up being only charged for one bottle, which split three ways cost each of us, with tip, about $7. Now did the restaurant just make a mistake and forget one bottle or did they feel bad for keeping us waiting so long? Honestly it doesn’t matter, what does matter is the obvious pay off of karma because we chose not to skip on our bill (also the wine paid off, because wine is delicious). So I am proud to say that I was a beneficiary of karma last night and also that I got a slight buzz on wine while only spending $7.

Karma Rocks!!!

~ by Nathaniel on October 4, 2007.

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