I need a damn haircut

There comes a time about every couple of months when I happen to look in a mirror and then suddenly realize that I need to get this giant mop of hair on my head cut back. I’ll admit I like my hair a bit longer (probably something to do with being a godless liberal Yankee, but hey, who’s keepingtrack?) but even so there comes a point when I just can’t deal with all the hair in my face any more. I started wearing my hair longer about freshman year of college and that is when I learned, to my surprise and the surprise of most of my high school friends, that I have really curly hair. While curly it isn’t fro curly, if I just let it go for a really long time (longest was about seven months my sophomore year of school) I end up looking like I have a huge mane or something. I tend to keep it under a little more control these days but I still prefer it to be longer. I can’t really recall the last time I got my hair cut but for the last week I’ve known that it is gonna need to be done again soon. Yep, I need a damn haircut. That, and a beer . . . but that is only because it is Monday, sure love my beer on Monday, my way of saying “one day down and four to go.”

~ by Nathaniel on October 8, 2007.

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