Often I am really bad about eating leftovers in the fridge which just leads to waste and my feeling of slight guilt for the starving Ethiopians, but there are some food that are guaranteed not to last long left over.   Possibly the best leftover is some kind of pasta with a meat sauce and the best of the best of that category is without question lasagna.  In fact  in my opinion lasagna is the king of leftover food, almost to the point where I more thoroughly enjoy eating lasagna as leftover food than as fresh out of the oven (note that I said almost because a hot lasagna out of the oven is really damn hard to beat).  The interesting thing is that while pasta in some kind of tomato based sauce (preferably meat sauce) is great reheated as a leftover meal pasta in a white sauce is not usually all that good leftover, it is something with the oils that end up getting released in the reheating process.  Pizza is an obvious for great leftover food, don’t really even need to think about it, and it can be eaten cold or reheated.  Another personal favorite is Chinese food especially considering that most Chinese restaurants give you more than enough food for two whole meals.  Personal least favorite leftover food is probably leftover Thanksgiving, which may upset some people, but I have my reasons.  I can usually handle and enjoy one leftover Thanksgiving meal but in my family we always make so much food that there is leftover Thanksgiving for over a week.  Honestly it just gets old, and while I am still giving the general thanks that I am not starving on the street my stomach is cussing at me and saying “get me a god-damn bacon cheeseburger and beer before I eat your liver you fuckin’ turkey junkie!”  And when my innards start to cannibalize each other I know it is time to comply to their demands.

~ by Nathaniel on October 10, 2007.

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