Driving stresses me out.

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car you are taking a certain degree of risk.  This is unpreventable seeing as we have no way to control all events that are waiting for us down the road (pun intended and enjoyed).  Of course logically we are taking a calculated risk everyday that we wake up but if we think about that too hard we might as well become bedridden, which likely has its risks too, and then you get a downward spiral that, if it doesn’t cause a complete burnout of your brain, will in the very least lead to some nasty OCD.   But car driving, yeah, you have to understand that it can be dangerous, and that you really have to be paying attention to what you are doing or you, or somebody else, might get seriously hurt.  Hence why drinking and driving are such a dangerous mix.  I’ve been in two car crashes since i got my drivers license and neither of them was good (not that there are that many car accidents where people are jumping for joy and singing).  Having been in two wrecks I tend to try very hard to pay very close attention when I am driving now.  I don’t answer my cellphone in the car if I’m driving.  I try and put in CDs either before I take off or at least at a stop light.  I don’t speed if I can help it.  Still there are so many things that can distract a driver.  A hot girl for example.  I don’t like to be an ogler but if I see some really hot girl walking down the street my male mind pretty much forces a look, which when operating a large truck can be kind of dangerous.   Eating or drinking something should probably go on the list of stuff not to do while driving but I am a hardcore snacker and so even if I only have to be in the car for like fifteen minute I may often bring along a bag of chips or something.  I remember once driving home in a torrential downpour and consuming a whole large bag of Dorritos, in hindsight I am not sure which is worth, the recklessness of my driving in the storm or the fact that I can consume a bag of Dorritos in about fifteen minutes.  Pockets also cause considerable problem while driving and they are another thing I should just learn to ignore while I am behind the wheel.  I theorize that there my be some type of metaphysical law governing pockets that says that while in general the pocket will be hand y to have when an emergency arises in which one has to put something in or get something out of a pocket it will inevitably become a royal pain in the ass making the overall situation more dire.  Footwear can also cause to problems well driving (at least for me).  I hate driving wearing sandals and thus almost never do.  Blinding sunlight is an obvious problem as is roadwork, detours, and traffic.  Animals or children in the car suck, they are distracting by nature.  It scares me to sneeze while I am driving because when you sneeze you have no choice but to close your eyes for a moment and unfortunately in driving a second may be all that is needed to have an accident.  Honestly just thinking about the few things that can distract me while in the car I am shocked by what some people do do.  Shaving?  Putting on makeup?  Reading the news paper?  Are you people all on crack?  You could kill somebody.  I understand that we as humans tend to be very hurried beings but in all truth I think it is important that we just take a bit more caution when we are operating vehicle that can move at considerable speed and consists of many many pounds of metal and plastic.  Big sigh . . . driving stresses me out, there is a reason I didn’t bother getting my license until I was 18 years old.

~ by Nathaniel on October 12, 2007.

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