Zombie Chimpanzees: Fact or Fiction?

The other day while driving home from work a very important question popped into my mind.  If goes something like this:   If a zombie plague were to spread across the world would there be zombie chimpanzees seeing as chimps share something like 99% the same genes as us?  when I asked Mad she pointed out that in the movie “28 Days Later” the virus was originally contracted from chimps, but I would argue that while “28 Days Later” is a zombie style film the  beings in the movie are not really zombies but just diseased humans.  When I am saying zombies i am talking the good old school style zombies from  George A. Romero’s movies like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead.”  I mean would there be like dead chimpanzees rising from the dead?  I guess one has to ask about how the brain in the zombie functions it seems that it has been reverted to its utmost primal stage which only desires to consume food.  would the same happen to other apes, or would it not seem as drastic.  Also, assuming there were some zombie chimps would the said zombie chimps only try and eat other chimpanzees or would they go after a person as well (because, Jesus Christ, a zombie chimpanzee just sounds horrifying).  These are questions of our time.  Scoff at them if you will but if a zombie plague does sweep the nation this may be the difference between going to the zoo or not (even though in the case of a zombie outbreak I doubt many people will be all that worried about going to the zoo).

~ by Nathaniel on October 12, 2007.

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