Tylenol tastes like ass

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how gross the flavor of children’s  chewable painkiller is.  Well I think it is worth noting that the flavor of just regular Tylenol  is . . .  Undoubtedly people reading this are thinking, “well yeah you big idiot, you’re not suppose to chew Tylenol, it’s a pill, you swallow pills.  Duh!”  Well I say fuck y’all!  I just wanted half a Tylenol PM so I didn’t wake up too groggy.  Also I had no convenient cutting object at hand besides my teeth.  But yeah, Tylenol should really put a label on their  painkiller saying something like “Do not chew unless you want your mouth to have the lingering flavor of ass.”  Gross, is all I have to say.

~ by Nathaniel on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “Tylenol tastes like ass”

  1. They first tried making it taste like rotten cabbage, but some people like the taste of rotten cabbage evidently, so they had to resort to making it taste like ass instead. Ass isn’t quite as interesting to the palate as rotten cabbage, but it is more universally accepted as the kind of flavor that won’t be mistaken for a random jelly bean flavor.

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