Damn you Physics!

I don’t like the fact that I get cold after I eat, I feel that really, because I have just added fuel to my body, I should be getting warm . . . no such luck, I am always freezing cold after lunch. It doesn’t help that the AC in the library seems set to polar, which, during the summer was tolerable seeing as the out of doors was often in the high 90s, but now that fall is along and the air is cooling it would be pleasant if it wasn’t so cold in here. Of course the fact that I don’t move around all that much at work doesn’t help keep the body any warmer. Crazy, funky thermal energy producing body. You know I really just don’t understand it. I never really was all that good at energy transfer when I took Physics. I remember something about burning donuts to illustrate the fact that certain amounts of heat energy were being used . Personally I just thought it was a waste of donuts. Damn you Physics! How dare you use delicious deep fried pastries to demonstrate your science! I could have ate those donuts and then cursed the fact that the consumption of food causes me to feel cold. So once again I curse the sky in vain. Damn you Physics! You and your intolerable heat energy transfer laws that consume delicious donuts in fire and cause my body to be cold . . . I mean I guess I can’t hate physics too much seeing as it is probably keeping me alive in most ways but still, some things suck.

~ by Nathaniel on October 17, 2007.

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