Being interested in stuff

Sometimes I think that we all to often take entirely too much for granted.  We don’t bother allowing ourselves to be amazed by all that really should be utterly amazing.  We let things be mundane and uninteresting.  I’m not saying that every time we see a paper clip we should jump up and yell “holy shark-weasels Batman!  This paper clip kicks some serious ass!”  Don’t do that, that would just be weird, but I don’t think there is anything all that wrong with looking at a paper clip and being impressed with the existence of the thing.

There is all sorts of stuff like paper clips that I can find interesting if I sit and contemplate them for a while.  Things like grass, and gyroscopes, and honeycombs, and thermonuclear vents, and pennies, and walnut shells, and contact lenses, and bricks, and a whole huge list of stuff, that when I put my mind to one of them for a few moments I can’t help but think “jeez shit is cool.”  Often when I think about stuff like this I find myself breaking it down, smaller and smaller till I get to the inevitable point where I am thinking about the molecular structure of the thing, the fact that it is made out of atoms, which are in turn a collections of electrons and protons and neutrons.  I would like to call this thinking, of the particle nature of things, quantumplation, I think that is appropriate.

I feel like the next time somebody asks me what I am interested in instead of saying something like books or movies or drawing, maybe I’ll say something like “I’m interested in the fact that a magnifying glass bends light in just the right way to make things appear bigger to our eyes.” or “I’m interested in how a snails body produces calcium deposits that eventually develop into a shell to protect the animal.”  Because, while in honesty, I do like books and movies and stuff like that, I also like that paper clips are made, that the metal that makes them is malleable, conducts heat and electricity, and can oxidize and rust.

Also, for the record, I am damn interested in what a shark-weasel would look like, and, if Batman did run into one, how he would handle the situation.  My guess is he’d probably buy it a beer at the local bar, Batman is a pretty cool guy.

~ by Nathaniel on October 19, 2007.

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