Thank You God . . .

I’ve recently come to a strange awareness as far as my relationship to religion goes.  Though I’ve known for a long time that I am not all that religious (falling mostly into the agnostic/atheist/humanist category of the whole thing) I’ve really got no problem with people who do have some type of religious faith, almost all of my family does, as do many of my friends.  But recently I’ve noticed that I feel a little bit weirded out by people just dropping a thanks to God in conversation and really meaning “Thank You God.” I say “thank God” all the time, but I don’t really mean it in the sense that I believe I am actually giving my appreciation to a higher power, just as when I say “what the hell” I am not really trying to affirm that there really exists a plane or dimension of eternal damnation, they are just expressions to me.  But when I hear somebody actually say “I thank God for this or that” and I can tell that they are really being serious about thanking God, I feel a little out of place.  Most likely this is because I just don’t actually do that, and I have a hard time understanding how to do that.  I think it is one of the biggest struggles between people of religious faith versus those who do not have a particular religious faith.  It is the fact that neither person really makes sense to the other.  To somebody of a particular religious faith their belief is completely reasonable and understandable, while to somebody who does not have this belief it is almost impossible to understand the thinking.  The thing that always just kind of catches me up on this is why more people just can’t accept that people don’t always have the same views and understandings of the world and all the jazz that people think about.  We all try so hard to convince other people of out views and ideas and stuff.  We fear people who think different things.  It is tough.  But personally I feel that we might all do ourselves a little good if we just relax and acknowledge that not everybody is gonna think the same but that is okay because it is called individuality.

And if you are a person who is more into the whole religion thing than I am I just ask that you respect my thinking and I will in turn respect yours.  I have no problem talking about God and religion and all kinds of stuff as long as nobody is trying to convince me that my beliefs are wrong.  I don’t believe that one needs to believe in God to feel that the Golden Rule is a really great code of ethics to live by.

~ by Nathaniel on October 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Thank You God . . .”

  1. I really enjoyed your post. It really is too bad that the majority of discussions relating to religion/spirituality result in a win/lose debate. One side is always trying to convince the other. I too enjoy just talking about what I believe and why I believe it. I think we can learn so much from other people through these discussions. Just in my short time blogging I have discovered new ways to look at things.


  2. If a person is really living their faith they may really just want to thank God. I don’t really think that you can come down on them for being a person who actually lives their faith when we are so inundated by people who go to church and then live however they want on the weekdays. That said they should not push their faith on you either. If they are saying it with that in mind then they should stop.

  3. Me, too. Great post.

    On the thank God thing, just an opinion and certainly not a rule, I find that the injunction to in all things thank God makes good psychological sense, for me. Good or bad, just saying thank you seems to bring everything into focus as a positive, even if the final outcome is not clear. Stops all this ‘why did it happen to me’ sort of thinking.

  4. “It is the fact that neither person really makes sense to the other.”

    You really hit on something here. It is an important point that far too many people miss.

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