I once wrote a paper in high school, in my senior year, that I believe I titled “Is There Anybody Out There?” (quoting Pink Floyd and posing the question that I propose on the top of this blog).  If I remember the premise of the paper, I more or less, argued that in such a vast universe life was not just probable elsewhere, but very likely unavoidable.  Now I will grant that I am no whiz of science but I do very much enjoy reading articles and books about everything from astronomy to geology and into paleontology and from what I’ve gathered from these readings is that there is a hell of a lot of stars out there.  I mean we are talking about millions and millions of stars in millions and millions of galaxies.  For us to think that life could not have occurred somewhere else is just kind of silly.  Of course the thing that has to get you about all this is that unless we find some life on another planet or moon in our solar system we are probably very unlikely to ever know what is out in the great expanse of the universe.  We are a very tiny part of a great vastness.  This is strange for beings of consciousness to comprehend.  For while we are mere motes of matter in the vast universe our thought completely fill our personal being.  We are nothing is not our consciousness.  We are here, but where is here?  Looking up into a clear night sky and we are dazzled to see hundreds of stars and yet each one of those little points of light are further by millions and millions of miles than the most traveled person in the history ever went.  It can make us, in all the grandness of our consciousness, feel very small and remote.  Still I like thinking about it.  I don’t know if humans will ever make it far off this planet, I don’t even know if we’ll make it to Mars in my life time, but still I like the idea that the vastness almost assumes something else out there.

~ by Nathaniel on October 23, 2007.

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