Halloween Season

Halloween is just a few days away and I love it.  Personally I wish Halloween would happen more often (though I guess that would not make it quite as exciting every year).   The best thing about Halloween in my opinion is all the candy.  I am without a question a straight up sugar junkie.  I can devour huge quantities of sweets in a very short period of time and do so often which, I still haven’t learned, almost always leads to some pretty nasty stomach aches.  My response to this is “you gotta pay to play . . . and I like playing the eat a shit load of candy game.”  Really it is amazing I’ve never had any cavities considering the amount of candy I consume.  What else do I love about Halloween?  How about the fact that you can dress up like whatever you want for one night and nobody is going to give you that hard a time about it.  A friend of mine named Katie said it was the only time of the year where she could dress like a slut and not feel bad.  Hell it is the only time of the year where I can wear a Power Ranger costume and be drunk off my ass and everybody just kind of says, “Hey that’s cool!”  Still another great thing about Halloween, horror movies galore.  All over cable and Direct TV, tons and tons of horror movies, it just kicks so much ass!  Also theaters tend to release some pretty good stuff.  On Saturday Mad and I watched Rob Zombie’s “House of a 1000 Corpses” which is an awesomely scary, gruesome, and utterly disturbing film.  We watched it on Walker’s huge hi-def TV which makes it all that much better.  I first saw “House of a 1000 Corpses” my freshman year of college, right around this time of the year.  I remember that I was eating really spicy buffalo chicken fingers and was quite freaked out.  This past weekend being the second viewing I was not as bothered, partially because I knew all of what was going to happen, partially because it was day time (first time was late at night), and partially because I was eating Taco Bell, which is pretty gross but doesn’t look like blood, which buffalo chicken sauce does.  Still “House of 1000 Corpses” is quite a good movie if you are into the whole horror thing, I give Rob Zombie a serious thumbs up for it, and his follow up/sequel “The Devil’s Rejects.”  Also on Saturday night Mad, our friend Meg, and I went to see “30 Days of Night”  which kicked so much ass I still am in complete awe.  The premise of the movie alone is just spectacular.  Town in the middle of nowhere way up north in Alaska goes for a whole month with no light so vampires have a royal bloodbath chow down in the frozen wastelands.  Fucking amazing.  Kudos to the writers who came up with this plot (I’ve heard it was originally a comic book or graphic novel).  Now there have been some pretty good vampire movies over the years, “Salem’s Lot” “Lost Boys” “Interview With the Vampire” “Nosferatu” etc, etc, etc.  Still the vampires in “30 Days of Night” were some scary ass mother fuckers, totally ruthless, blood-lust killing machines with some semblance to the freaky zombie-like infected of “28 Days Later.”  Besides the multiple number of times the movie makes you jump in fright the whole time you just feel cold because of the setting.  It is bloody and raw and creepy.  It made the three of us glad that we were in SC and there was no snow outside, but even so it was scary enough to keep me from going right to bed when I got home.  It is part of what I love about a good horror movie.  I like being scared or disturbed but then being able to walk away, shake it off, and say, “it’s just a movie.”  There is something releasing about letting yourself get frightened by something that, in reality, is not threatening at all (that being the movie).  I think that there is something healthy in letting yourself get afraid every now and then and the sheer number of horror movies that come out each year seems to suggest that there is something that we as humans really like or, at least, are fascinated about fear.  I’d recommend either “House of a 1000 Corpses” or “30 Days of Night” for anybody who is looking for a good fright this Halloween season, though I will warn that you might want to have a strong stomach as both films are quite gorey.

Well just want to say Happy Halloween to everybody.  If you have any good horror movie recommendations leave a comment, I’m always looking for new ones.

~ by Nathaniel on October 29, 2007.

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