I own cowboy boots

Yesterday Mad and I went up to Asheville NC for the day to hang out with our friends Dirty and Julia.  Honestly we couldn’t ask for a better day to get in Mad’s Miata, put down the top, and drive through the mountains (granted the mountains in SC and NC are not quite the same as those in VT and NH but they are still really pretty).  It was great to see Dirty and Julia, who we knew from Plymouth, and exploring Asheville turned out to be a real blast, it is a lovely little city.  Also nice to know that it is only a little over an hour away from Greenville if we decide we’d like to go back and visit again.  But the big win of the day was that I bought myself a kick ass pair of cowboy boots.  Damn straight y’all, I’ve got me some real shit kickers now.  We had walked past a store in Asheville when we first got downtown and I saw the boots in the window with a price of only $45 and I told the others how I’ve wanted cowboy boots for a long time.  Unfortunately the store was closed at the time and so we went on to go get some lunch.  A little later that afternoon we walked past the store again on the way to a bar to get a beer and sure enough they were open so we all went in.  I wish I had been paying attention to the name of the place because it was a cool little used bookstore that also had all sorts of antiques and odds-n-ends.  After browsing around for a bit I went to the window display to check out the boots.  Taking them down I didn’t expect to find them to be the right size (I mean really what are the chances?) but upon trying them on I found a perfect fit, not too tight, not too loose, just cowboy kick ass awesome.  There was no question, they needed to be purchased.  The owner of the store was this great older gentleman who just smiled a lot and seemed really pleased that I’d found something I liked.  After paying I removed my Chuck Taylors and donned my new cowboy boots.  My friends said I was glowing with pleasure at my find and I don’t doubt it.

The boots are pretty snazzy.  Brown leather around the foot, with a black leather upper, and embroidered into the black are flames, stitched in yellow, orange, and crimson.  I think I’ll take a picture of them tonight just to show everybody how fucking awesome they are.

Oh yeah, on the way home Mad and I stopped at Old Navy so I could buy another shirt with snaps because as I’ve pointed out my “Snaps and Buttons” post cowboys gotta wear shirts with snaps.  Really all I need now to be a complete cowboy is a good hat, maybe some chaps, a gun holster, and some spurs for my boots.  Oh yeah, and a bad ass mustache.

My Cowboy Boots

~ by Nathaniel on October 29, 2007.

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