I like cephalopods.  Calamari tastes pretty good.  The fact that there are giant tentacle creatures in the depths of the oceans doing battle against sperm whales is awesome.  And the nautilus?  Can you say “kick ass!”  I just wish there were cool levitating squids.  Oh or just giant squids that could fly through the air and fight giant flying whales.  wouldn’t that be cool.  If whales and giant squids could fly?  Then you’d probably get real whale riders (not like the little girl in the movie) and squid riders.  I bet the squid riders would be the bad guys though.  Weren’t there some flying squid enemies in one of the Mario games?  Another cool thing about cephalopods is that supposedly they are quite smart.  Octopi escape from their tanks and can solve puzzles.  Also cuttlefish can rapidly change color which appears to be some form of communication.  Yessiree cephalopods rock!  Why is this the second post today that I’ve written on marine life?  Probably I need to eat some shrimp, which are neither cephalopods or jellyfish (they are crustaceans) but they are delicious. 

~ by Nathaniel on November 2, 2007.

One Response to “CEPHALOPODS”

  1. Space Squids.


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