Computers can be real shits sometimes

Honestly somedays I have to ask myself why I took a job working with computers.  Granted I am not programming or designing websites or anything but I still have to do my fair share of computer stuff seeing as I supervise the computer area of the library.  For all the amazing things they can do I think the number one thing that a computer is capable of is pissing a person off.  It is too slow, saved files get lost, things won’t print.  sure some things that go wrong with computers has to do with the whole human element of clicking where you shouldn’t click but then again you get the great unexplained when something just freezes or crashes (which does probably have an explanation but seeing as the vast majority of us are not computer geniuses it really doesn’t make a difference).  So when all the computers in not just my library but the whole library system decide to crash I am left with the wonderful job of trying to explain what is wrong with the whatever it is to everybody who comes in wanting to use the computer.  Unfortunately some days, like today, there doesn’t exist a real answer because even the IT guys downstairs are saying “boy we really arn’t sure, we’ll take a look at it and see if we can figure it.”  Awesome.  And it is just baffling how pissed off people can get.  I mean I know it sucks and all, it certainly isn’t making my job any easier, but try to be a little patient people.  If I’ve told you that IT is working on it downstairs please take my word for it and relax, hopefully things will be fixed sooner than later.  Hell you get a pretty good deal getting to use a computer for free (well free in the sense that your tax dollars pay for it) so try to understand that things, especially with computers, don’t necessarily work 100% of the time.  But then again some people are always going to be pissed off at something and it is these people in particular who make me lean towards the general dispossition of hating everybody. So when I say “I hate everybody” I want to apologize to all the nice cool folks out there, I know there are a lot of you, but blame it on the assholes of the world.  

~ by Nathaniel on November 2, 2007.

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