Werewolves vs. Vampires, honestly they are both kind of lame

Question:  Which really is cooler vampire or werewolf?  I know there were the Underworld movies that kind of dealt with this question but I feel like they kind of copped-out by making the whole werewolf/vampire hybrid thing. “Well we don’t know which is really cooler but if a vampire and a werewolf got all kinky with each other the offspring would definitely be super kick ass.”  Thanks for nothing assholes.  But really, would it be cooler to turn into an awesome ravenous wolf-man or to be an undead blood sucking creature of the night?  I mean I guess the vampire undead thing has its perks (namely being undead) but the whole having to suck blood for food kind of sucks (if you’ve ever had a bloody lip you are well aware that blood really isn’t all that tasty unless you really like salt and iron) not to mention the whole sunlight kills, garlic is gross, can’t play with holy water shit.  It would be cool if you could turn into a giant wolf-man but only if you could control it and guarantee that you wouldn’t eat your loved ones (none of that full moon crap for me thank you).  Maybe when you get down to it both werewolves and vampires are pretty lame (I mean they are cool . . . but really . . . just lame).  Probably if you are looking to place a good bet on a monster you might be safe with the third party zombie, and don’t even consider mummies, that is just a wasted vote, mummies are uber lame (that’s right, so lame I had to use a German word to describe their lameness).

Note: I stand by my saying that both werewolves and vampires are pretty lame, but still that doesn’t change the fact that werewolf or vampire movies can be really fun to watch (though not usually as fun as zombie movies).

~ by Nathaniel on November 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “Werewolves vs. Vampires, honestly they are both kind of lame”

  1. Being a zombie would be a lot worse than being a werewolf or a vampire because nobody would invite you to parties, for one. I mean really, who wants to hang out with zombies? They’re kind of like crazy homeless people with Tourette’s, really bad BO, gingivitis and pretty wicked cataracts. They aren’t very good conversationalists either. Heck, they can’t even make a decent martini. I guess you could always send a zombie out on a beer run, but there’s no guarantee they would come back with the right brand.

    At least, vampires dress well and can do neat party tricks like turn into bats or levitate. And werewolves always have good stories to tell. (I would if I were a werewolf.)

    In the end, I think I’d rather be a werewolf because they can surf during the day, while vampires are stuck indoors, which kind of sucks (no pun intended.) And werewolves are probably good dancers too. I don’t know why, but I imagine they would be. Werewolves also regenerate like Wolverine and aren’t undead, which are both things I kind of like about them.

    I think that being a werewolf would be pretty badass, actually.

    Turning into a giantt snarling man-wolf might come in pretty handy during salaray negotiations too.

  2. Salary, even. I don’t know what a salaray is.

  3. Don’t forget zombies can dance too, they proved that in the “Thriller” video

  4. I am the sword of Micahel. Werewolves. Vampires. The zombie apacolypse. Are You Ready? If you choose to fight stand with me for i shall not fail.

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