Okay why the hell did Legos have to become so fucking awesome after I am too old to play with them.  I loved Legos when I was growing up, and I had some pretty cool sets.  All in all I collected two very large bins of Legos as a kid.  They were my all time favorite toys.  Still I never had Batman Legos.  Damnit, Batman is awesome.  I wish I was seven again, then I could play with Batman Legos and I wouldn’t have to be paying back student loans.  So much easier being seven.  I plan on insisting that when I have kids they play with Legos.  I can foresee it now, something like “You kids don’t get any dinner until you build something good with your Legos.”  Is that child abuse?  Nah!  Legos are good for healthy kids, like vitamins, I should know, I used to play with Legos every day and I turned out perfectly normal . . . well maybe not perfectly normal but it isn’t like I’m a sociopath or anything.  Legos rock, that is the important thing here.  

~ by Nathaniel on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Legos”

  1. Um…who the heck told you you were too old to play with legos?
    I’m 35, and I still play with them whenever I’m visiting a family member with kids. The parents think I’m just playing legos with the kids to be nice. Ha!
    Lincoln logs are a perenial favorite as well.
    Don’t ever grow up. Just don’t turn into Michael Jackson. You’ll be okay.

  2. Yeah, I definitely don’t plan on growing up any time too soon . . . honestly I am pretty sure that the buckets of legos are somewhere out in my parent’s garage. Christmas has the prospect of being really fun. I used to love it when my brother would build lego castles and then I’d build a a kick ass space ship and be all like “blam blam blam lasers beat the crap out of knights fool!”

  3. I agree w/Boo Boo Kitty. I’m 39 and I enjoy building w/Lego. It’s quite therapeutic. As of last June, I was re-acquainted w/Lego’s, primarily…the Space Police Sets. Now I’m in the process of building my very own Space Police HQ from scratch. I have a jail cell that holds about 8 prisoners all complete.
    You can never be to old to play/build/enjoy Lego.

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