I Hate Celebrity Delinquents

You want to know what bothers me (I plan on writing about it whether you want to know or not)?  Damn celebrities like Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears, or Lindsay Lohan, or any other person like them and all the media attention that they get when they act like complete delinquents and really should be slapped in the face.  Okay, I don’t promote violence (well maybe a little here and there) but seriously that is all these people are; delinquents and really they shouldn’t be getting any attention, people should be ignoring them, and telling them to shape up.  “But Nathaniel they are celebrities . . .”  Who gives a fuck, they break the law, they act like complete jackasses, I think they are an embarrassment to contemporary culture.  And there is so much media attention on them.  Today on CNN.com it was a story about how Lohan had to spend part of a night in jail.  Big woopty-fuckin-doo, she probably deserves to spend even more time than that in jail.  Hell I’ve been arrested twice and slept a whole night in a holding cell once and you don’t hear anything about that do you (and you should seeing that I am obviously so much cooler than Lindsay Lohan, I mean that isn’t really even a debate).  Part of me just thinks that half the reason these celebrities act the way that they do is because they know that they are going to get the media attention.  And we give it to them.  And you know why the media is all over it because they know that there are a tons of us out here in the real world that are all about paying attention to it.  There is some kind of sick disturbing exhibitionism/voyeurism going on here.  Ahhhh!  It just disgust me.  There are just so many more important things in the world that could be covered and yet CNN thinks that Lohan’s drunken escapades counts as worthy news.  And honestly what has somebody like Paris Hilton really done that is significant to the world (and The Simple Life and her sex tapes don’t count at all).  If I was some rich millionaire with a child acting like some of these celebrities do I would disown them immediately and tell them my money was going to a charity to do some good for the world.  I don’t even think Paris Hilton of Linday Lohan are attractive women because they are such shitty people.  God it just makes me mad . . . and I shouldn’t let me, because it isn’t important,.  But really?  I blame a lot of this on the media, I hope you (media) are aware how much you suck.

~ by Nathaniel on November 16, 2007.

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