John Fogerty lookout, I’m young and rockin’ a style to rival your own

One of the guys I work with named Bob (he used to be manager of a Brugger’s Bagels, now he is a reference librarian, that is upward motion) told me this morning that I looked like a member of CCR or some other 70’s band.  I knew that the cowboy boots, snap shirt, and relatively tight pants would pay off.  CCR rocks!  Now I can’t get “Rolling Down the River” out of my head.  The only thing that would make my outfit cooler is if I had a kick ass beard and mustache.  Damn you genetics!  Give me facial hair!  I hate being 23 and looking like I just graduated from high school.  I drink goddamnit!  Legally!  Whatever, I’m still rockin’ the awesome CCR look.

~ by Nathaniel on November 16, 2007.

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