Dog Reincarnation

Question: If in a system of karma and reincarnation you are suppose to come back as another living thing in determination of how you lived you past life (roughly, if you were bad in your past life you come back as a lesser being if you were good you are reborn as a higher being) then is being reborn as a dog a plus or a minus?  I ask this because I know some dogs who have it pretty damn easy, I mean I’m rather certain they spend the majority of their day either sleeping or being loved and to me that doesn’t sound that shabby (sure the lack of language or opposable thumbs kind of sucks but those are minor details).  I guess maybe it depends on what kind of dog you come back as and where you come back and who ends up owning you (karma is probably really good at taking all these things into consideration).  I imagine being reborn as a dog in a country that includes canines on any menu may not be a very good sign of your past life.  Also considering the dogs who have an easy life (Leon I’m thinking of you buddy) how many good karma points do they earn?  I mean does loving rather unconditionally really rake in the good karma or is it kind of just like every once and awhile wining five bucks on a scratch-off ticket?  You might not think that these are important questions to be asking but considering the possibility of reincarnation I’d rather ask and try to form some idea ahead of time.

~ by Nathaniel on November 19, 2007.

One Response to “Dog Reincarnation”

  1. Well, in Buddhism, the notion of karma and rebirth (we do not believe in reincarnation…there’s a difference), tends to be more complex, but yes one can be reborn as an animal. It’s one of 6 general states of rebirth.

    As to why a dog or other animal might be considered a lower state, the general assumption is that they have to spend their days in raw survival. If one is reborn as a farm animal, they have to deal with their own eventual demise for food, while wild animals have to survive day by day. Pets have it easier, of course, but they are not in a position to reach the higher states of awakening needed to reach Nirvana and escape samsara. They’re still living a life of base gratifications (food, sleep, etc).

    Hope that helps.

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