Looking back a bit

Breaks always seem too short, and even though having four days off for Thanksgiving was nice it seemed to come to an end all too fast.  Here I am, Monday morning, at work, writing a blog posting (because for some reason that seems to be what I do at work).  Thanksgiving was good.  Great food and drinks, wonderful people to hang out with, dancing to David Bowie and other music, and the opportunity to just sit back and relax a little before the regular work week started up again.  This was a needed break in regards to the fact that in a week my first student loan payment will be due and I am currently back in the process of looking for a job (alas the library might not work out).  We need breaks to retain sanity in an all around rather loopy world, but we also need breaks to end so that we can look back and value them.  The Thanksgiving break always comes at a nice time because we know that Christmas is not all that far away, and neither is the New Year.  I wasn’t all that excited about getting up to go to work this morning but I did accept it as I try to accept every day that I awake to go do whatever it is that needs doing.  In part it is believing in the possible illusion of functionality that allows us to serve a function at all.  We document the past, accept the present, and anticipate the future — that seems to be the flow of life.  It is only mundane or tedious in that we allow it to be, choosing to believe that function is alone in and of itself.  There will be more breaks, they will come, pass, and be logged in memory just as those previous have done.  We breathe, do what we have to do, and accept that that will have to do for the present.  Still, no regrets from this past weekend, it was all good, all fun, all worth it, and that is enough.

~ by Nathaniel on November 26, 2007.

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