Vampires run the Red Cross

Thank you Dr. McNinja for your very keen observation. 

Vampires run the Red Cross

 Yes this is two postings in one day about vampires I am aware of that, but hey, vampires are bad ass, I’ve seen my fare share of vampire movies to know that, and hell why wouldn’t they run the Red Cross, it makes perfect sense, in fact I’m pretty sure that is how the Red Cross determines blood types.  Everybody knows that O negative tastes better to a Vampire than AB type.  Vampires have very sensitive taste buds.

~ by Nathaniel on December 6, 2007.

17 Responses to “Vampires run the Red Cross”

  1. i knew it!!!!

  2. this explains so much…

  3. but wait… it’s a cross… and vampires… I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!

  4. Vampires being afraid of crosses is a myth… but an excellent cover-up because many don’t know as much. 😉

  5. I work at the Red Cross…..heheh. 3rd shift, in the blood bank.
    ask me if I’m a vampire.

  6. Awsome! Thats sooooooooo cool. Anyone who loves anime and vampires needs to watch Vampire Night available at you tube

  7. Okay, who spilled the beans to Dr. McNinja?

  8. haha! love it! 😉 but but but…
    the blood drive was in forks in twilight! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING1 thnx for tha tip!;)

  9. lol i didn’t understand this at first but ..

  10. ok, who here is in fucking love with edward cullen?

  11. LavenderBeth, shut the hell up. Vampires are all mythology to begin with. So saying “Vampires being afraid of crosses is a myth” is just redundant. I don’t care what the hell Twilight says, its bullshit. ^_^

  12. Wow, because Twilight is really the bible. We should all believe everything we hear right? No shit vampires aren’t real Terxin, you’re clever sherlock! Figure that out by youtself?
    They, as well as other mythological creatures may not be real, but they’re still an interesting topic, and fun to talk about.

  13. what i dont get is why people must insist on leaving negative comments on ppls posts and if u really knew anything about vampire mythology u would kno that not only twilight says theyre not “allergic” to crosses =P

  14. […] I don’t get . . .  . . . is how the hell this post has become my most visited and commented upon post on this blog.  It ranks as one of the most […]

  15. No, they don’t. They have donners that come the the vampires’ residental area to donate their blood. The donners allow the vampires to drink their blood in exchange for money. Saying they run the blood banks or Red Cross is so stereotypical. I hate it.

  16. This is a very funny cartoon. And yes, I found your site through the link to this cartoon. Go figure.

  17. 0.o either, I have stopped laughing at the small thngs or this is just not funny…. this is a bit to dry for humour…vampires are no myth and no stereotype either…just like u and me

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