Sloth television

We have begun to feel the effects of the Hollywood writers’ strike as most television heads into reruns.  I guess this pisses me off a bit because it means I don’t get to see new episodes of my favorite shows like “My Name is Earl” and “The Office” but at the same time I really don’t need to spend as much time in front of the TV as I normally do.  Maybe I’ll use this writers’ strike to do some writing of my own.  Hell maybe I’ll write some screen plays and proposed pilot episodes.  I am still leaning heavily on the idea of the Sloth short movie, sloths are possibly one of the coolest living things in the world and when was the last time you saw them with their own prime time television program? Probably not since the late sixties when everybody was all tripped out on acid.  Yeah, with the writers’ strike going on I see it as being about high time that a new television program with a sloth comes out.  Watch out “Lost”  you’re not really as novel any more, I predict that sloth television could be the next big thing (the first show will probably air on ABC but the following year NBC will have a similar show, CBS will try to be original using a Slender Loris but they won’t really be fooling anybody).  The future is now people, all you sloth plot writers out their have a great opportunity to take the big studios by storm.  Is sitting around on your ass and watching a sloth on TV almost the epitome of being a couch potato?  Probably more likely watching a tree grow or a glacier move. I can just imagine:

Me: Hey  what are you watching?

Ian: Extreme glaciers.

Me: Oh?. . .  Cool? . . . Any good?

Ian: (shrugs) I guess so . . . the glacier has moved like 0.002 centimeters in the last week. There was like a chunk of ice that broke off sometime yesterday . . . it was awesome.

Me: Okay, neat, gonna go do something now.

Ian: Okay later (he remains on the couch watching his glaciers)

 Note: For those who don’t know, Ian is my younger brother and there are times that I am rather certain he might be the laziest person alive.  When asked if he could have any super power he’d like he responded “to be able to walk through walls so I don’t have to open doors.”  God I love him

~ by Nathaniel on December 7, 2007.

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