The Death of Checkers

Damn you computers why must you kill the things that I love.  And damn you too Jonathan Schaeffer for urging the computers to do the killing.  What will you steal from me next? Uno? Backgammon?  Aaaggghhhh!!! 

On the same note I have to admit that I am not really convinced that there is much of a practical purpose for training a computer to be unbeatable at checkers unless you wish to challenge Death to a game of checkers and you use the computer as a pinch hitter, in which case you’d kind of being playing God too and thus all the more deserving of further damnation. 

Also I really do love checkers, it is just relaxing, pretty easy, and all around fun.  Doesn’t have nearly the same levels of stress as involved in chess.

~ by Nathaniel on December 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Death of Checkers”

  1. Connect Four. All that needs to be said.

  2. The computers are probably working on killing that game too. I bet the biggest challange ahead is Risk and we really should never let the computers figure out Risk becuase if they can do that then I suspect the thinking machines are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from real global conquest, especially if they combine it with their Stratego playing skills. Final point — don’t teach computers games, they will use the knowledge against us.

  3. Checkers sucked anyway. Chess is the game of champions. It shines some light on the romantic notion that humans have something special between the ears.

    Since Risk has the element of chance (unloaded dice) I don’t believe it’s possible for a computer to calculate every outcome. But a computer could probably build a darn good strategy that would be hard to beat.

  4. Indeed. I forgot the basic chance element of Risk, though I agree that they would probably be very tactful and have calculated probabilites to the height of their benefit. “UKRAINE IS NOT WORTH SACRIFICE OF 6 INFANTRY. MUST FOCUS ON THE URAL”

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