Tuna disappointment

I made a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today, it came out to be very disappointing.  I usually like tuna, especially recently because I did not eat a lot of tuna over the past few years in college and am just getting back to having it regularly again. If I am going to be eating tuna I want it to be made right.  As with many other things a good tuna fish sandwich is not something that one should rush, which, foolishly, is exactly what I did this morning.  I wasn’t paying attention to the time and when I finally realized I had to get going I had not yet made my lunch, so I just grabbed a can of tuna, opened it up, mixed some mayo with it, and slapped it on a roll — that all around was poor tuna preparation, which was too bad considering the roll was quite quality.   Now some may argue but I say that you can’t just mix mayo and tuna and hope to get a good sandwich (hence my disappointment today), to make a good tuna fish sandwich you got to give some substance to the stuff.  I’m talking celery, and onions, and carrots, and maybe a little dill or some other herbs, a bit of salt and pepper to top it off.  You have to be very conscious of the tuna/mayo ratio; too little mayo and the fish is dry and hard to swallow, too much and you are loosing valuable tuna flavor.  I think my strict preferences for good tuna came about when I was working at the greenhouse for two summers.  The mother of the two brothers who owned the greenhouse, an awesome little old French Canadian lady, would very often bring lunch to all the workers.  She made amazing chicken salads, salmon salads, and tuna salads always served on the best breads or rolls.  Ever since eating her food I’ve been very picky about how I make my tuna and chicken salad because anything less is just bland.  So because of my spacing out and not paying attention to time this morning I got to eat a kind of crappy lunch today.  Learn from me folks, take your time to make yourself a good lunch, or, better yet, work at a job that pays enough so you don’t have to make yourself lunch everyday.  Yeah the latter may be more advisable. 

~ by Nathaniel on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “Tuna disappointment”

  1. The Bubble Bee brand has become pitifully un-chucky. I started buying the store brand because it is actually chunky enough not to squirt out of the can when you drain the water. Interestingly enough, I had just about given up on Chicken of the Sea when I noticed one of the new cans I purchased said “Chunkiest nation brand”. The older can didn’t say this and it was semi-liquid, whereas the newer can was actually chunky. Way to go Chicken of the Sea. The only problem is I learned the store brand is just as chunky, so you lost my business. Moral of the story, don’t try to sell crap for a high price and think people won’t eventually figure it out.

    That is all.

    Jimmy C

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