Iranian time Travel

This is good, enough said.  I suggest we counter their time travel ability by developing our own time travel device, going back in time, killing off all their time travel scientists, thus preventing them from ever discovering time travel.  Unless . . .  Dear God what if they time traveled to prevent our time travelers from time travelling themselves?  Ow!!!  My brain hurts with all this paradoxical thinking.

~ by Nathaniel on December 12, 2007.

One Response to “Iranian time Travel”

  1. I think we need to explore everyone’s favorite computer science term, recursion. You keep looping back into something until some base case is reached. At which point your reverse out of all loops until you get to where you started. It’s handy for traversing down tree structures, like nested menus.

    The only problem is if you never reach a base case you get stuck in an infinite loop and if you’re lucky you just get a crazy ass error message when the computer runs out of memory.

    It’s makes your head hurt. Especially when you get more than 6 or so levels deep. The human brain is said to remember 7 +/- 2. So, like when you played those color matching hand held games back in 1985 you probably didn’t get much past round 10.

    In response to your question, I think time travelers would try to out time travel each other until about the 7th time and then they’d give up on it because their brains would hurt just thinking about it the previous 6 or so time travelers.

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