Golden Toilet

Question:  Do you think that people would pay to get to take a crap on a toilet made of solid gold?  I know this is a really weird question but it popped into my head this morning while I lay in bed in a semi-conscious state and I haven’t been able to get rid of it.  Just the novelty of getting to say “hey, guess what?  Once I dropped a deuce in a golden toilet and it only cost me six bucks” (I feel like $6 isn’t all that unreasonable).  It would be pretty cool to say you’ve sat on and then taken a crap in something that is more valuable then your current life savings.  Would owning a golden toilet be the most pretentious way of flaunting your money possible.  Does it say, “I am so god damn rich that I don’t mind shitting in a toilet that is made of enough gold to feed a small African nation for a decade.  I am a bastard.  Hahahahaha!”  Does it say that?  Probably yes.  What I am even further curious about is what the fuck made me thinking of this while I was lying in bed this morning?  I blame it on the bottle of wine I drank last night and the Tylenol PM I took before going to bed.  Good times indeed.

~ by Nathaniel on December 14, 2007.

One Response to “Golden Toilet”

  1. This only works if you can wipe your arse with $100 bills yo.

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