Microwave question

Question (I know, I’ve had a ton lately):  How do microwave safe bowls work?  I guess what I mean is, what is so special about microwave safe objects that prevents them from being destroyed in a microwave?  Aren’t microwaves radiation?  Does that mean that there is some kind of fancy quantum trait of microwave safe objects that prevents them from being harmed by the radiation?  Personally I would guess that microwave safe bowls are actually ghosts.  Being non-corporeal means they cannot be effected by most tangible physics.  Perhaps they have just the slightest degree of corporeality for us to be able to handle them but not enough to be severely affected by microwave radiation.  Next question.  If microwave safe things are ghosts how the hell do you mass produce spirit ceramics and Tupperware?  Can you say deal with the devil?  Seems the most likely explanation if you ask me.  I am guessing that Teflon is produced similarly because nothing that is that stick resistant is natural.

~ by Nathaniel on December 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Microwave question”

  1. From Halliburton’s Teflon FAQ page:

    Teflon is made out of only the highest quality oils distilled from our exclusive network of corporate lawyers’ souls. The oils are manually extracted weekly by specially authorized defense department contractors at the cost of $1,500 per billable hour, and sent down to our basement operations for processing.

  2. Every month a small amount of the oil is shipped to Dick Cheney, he checks it for any imperfection and also uses it to polish his head.

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