Treasures and Trash (well mostly trash)

Every morning when I get to work I walk amongst the computers picking up anything that has been left on the tables.  Now most of the stuff that I find is just trash (which is rude, pick up your crap people, there are trash baskets all over the library!) but every once in awhile I’ll find something a bit different or interesting.  Glasses, strange pieces of metal (possibly radioactive?), religious pamphlets (once found a couple inviting people to a local mosque service), various pens and pencils, etc, etc.  A lot of the stuff I bring down to security to drop in the lost n’ found, trash I obviously dispose of, things like a good “Jesus Loves You” pamphlet (so much fun in a kind of disturbing way) I read before recycling.  Perhaps the most enigmatic thing that I have found regularly on the tables in the morning is a single leaf from some plant (I’m not sure what kind of plant).  At least two or three times a week I find one of these leaves (they always appear to be of the same kind) sitting by one of the computers.  I am at a complete loss as to why these leaves are left here.  Part of me wants to think that they were just caught on somebodies shirt or something, but then I have to think why there is only ever one and always from the same plant species.  Maybe it is like some kind of secret code message or perhaps an attempt at kindness.  Maybe there is a crazy leaf eater who comes to use the internet and wants to leave a leaf to share.  I don’t know but it is weird.  All and all it is just a part of my job (though it kind of sucks picking up peoples’ crap.  God people have some respect!) that can sometimes prove interesting but usually just makes me want to wash my hands really bad (God bless Purell).

~ by Nathaniel on December 19, 2007.

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