Vegan Cookie

Today at lunch I got a vegan cookie from the coffee place downstairs.  I did not purchase this cookie because it was specifically vegan, rather I bought it because it looked really god damn delicious, and it was.  The thing that amazed me was that this cookie that, being vegan, had no eggs or dairy in it still had 230 calories.  Now I am by no means a calorie counter.  I could care less about calories or weight gain and all that stuff.  In the seven months that I’ve lived in South Carolina I have neither gained nor lost any weight and that is much the same as my four years in college, I tend to eat well but am not a health nut.  Still 230 calories seems like quite a bit for just a modestly sized cookie doesn’t it?  Not to mention again that this cookie had no eggs or dairy?  So here is my question, what the fuck is in a vegan cookie that gives it all that calories?  Actually what is in a vegan cookie in general?  I had a friend in college who was a vegan (Mad’s roommate actually) and she made really good cookies but I never found out what she used instead of eggs or dairy products.  Can you bake with soy milk?   I really don’t know a whole lot about all this vegan jazz being as I am a consumer of animal products (that’s right I eat animals, what you got to say about it PETA?).  All around I am not upset about the cookie and its presumably high amount of calories as it was delicious and if I hadn’t been told otherwise I probably never would have suspected that it was vegan (unlike tofu products that I am not convinced will ever be able to compare with real animal flesh.  Bacon is singularly unique and no bean curd crap will substitute!).  

~ by Nathaniel on December 31, 2007.

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