Favorite sweater

What is one of the best things I brought back from Vermont during my vacation?  How about my favorite sweater?  I don’t know how long I’ve had this sweater (though my estimates put it at about senior year of high school) but I do know that in college this was an often worn item of my personal wardrobe.  How I ever forgot to bring it down to South Carolina in the first place confuses me (though I’d guess it had something to do with the fact that when I first came down here the weather did not suggest any need of a sweater).  I was sure glad to have the sweater this morning as it was very cold and I am greatly enjoying wearing it at work because usually I don’t wear anything over my shirt and the library itself is usually quite chill.

Is it strange to have an attachment to certain pieces of clothing?  For example, I know my favorite pair of jeans, my favorite pair of corduroys, and my favorite hoodie sweatshirt.  T-Shirts I have trouble with because pretty much any one of them that has some printing on it has some degree of sentimentality to me.  I’m not all that big on buying lots of new clothes.  For awhile I was a big thrift and Good Will shopper and also didn’t mind inheriting clothes from my dad or uncles.  When I do decide to go to a store and buy clothes I am very much a sale shopper and hardly ever seem to buy clothes impulsively.  I do have a lot of clothes though and I realized this at my parent’s house as I went through some of the winter items I’d left in Vermont.  I guess the reason that I have so much clothing is because as long as the stuff isn’t falling apart I don’t see it as being useless because I can logically imagine wearing it.  All around though I am really pleased to have my favorite sweater back, even if wearing it means other items of clothing are being left unworn and taking up space in my closet.

~ by Nathaniel on January 3, 2008.

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