There is this guy who comes into a the computer area at the library a lot and I think he’d make a good pirate.  He kind of looks a bit like a pirate with his long gray curly hair, beard, and semi-handlebar mustache.  He has a bit of a lazy eye which could make him look a little crazy (or if he didn’t want to look like a crazy pirate he could wear an eye patch and that would be okay because, hey, he’s a pirate!).  Also I figure that his voice is perfect for a pirate though I haven’t heard him talk like a pirate yet.  I feel like going up to him and being like, “hey man, just one dude wanting to help out another.  Instead of coming in here and playing silly computer games for hours most days of the week why not take up professional pirating?  You’d look really rocking with a parrot on you shoulder.  Just sayin’ man, just sayin’.”  Then I imagine that he’d smile and go “Aaarrgh matey I’ve been a waitin’ for somebody to tell me that for years.”  And he’d run off and get himself a ship and crew and pillage the coast for a couple of months until the Coast Guard with there superior boats (I don’t think the Coast Guard still uses wooden ships) capture him and arrest him for piracy and he is put away for several years in a mental hospital after he tells them some dude named Lord told him he should be a pirate.  Yeah that would be pretty funny.  I wonder if my job would be in jeopardy if my bosses knew these were the things I think about while I’m at work?

~ by Nathaniel on January 3, 2008.

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