Pirates vs. Cowboys

While I’m on the subject of Pirates I feel like I need to ask a question that has been bothering me for a pretty long time.  How come I’ve never seen a really bad ass movie with pirates and cowboys going at each other?  I don’t know if said movie exists or not, but if not then it should, and if it does, what the hell is it called for the love of God?  Really, everthing about pirates and cowboys together in an action packed two hour block buster with explosions, and cursing, and a little nudity (you know, for the big kids) is utterly deserving of my money.  It probably doesn’t even need that much of a plot, hell let the concept work itself out.  I mean come on people pirates vs cowboys!  I don’t even know who I’d be rooting for.  And if you want to take it just a little further I wouldn’t be against throwing in a few ninjas to mix shit up (but not too many ninjas, dear God not too many, because then the whole thing would probably be so awesome that in the very least it would render all who watch it deaf and blind if not kill them outright).  Yeah it could even be called “Pirates vs Cowboys:  The Movie:  With special guest appearance of a couple of Ninjas”.  Awesome! 

~ by Nathaniel on January 3, 2008.

One Response to “Pirates vs. Cowboys”

  1. …If Snakes on a Plane got greenlighted.

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