Don’t Trust Huckabee

I don’t really like the idea of Mike Huckabee for president.  Sure part of it has to do with the fact that I am rather liberal and usually vote for democrats.  Definitely a factor is the whole religious thing he plays with.  But really it is his use of a weapon of mass destruction to frighten the American public into supporting him that I am most against.  What weapons of mass destruction you ask?  Questionable campaign ads? Nuclear Weaponry?  No folks I’m talking about a real legitimate WMD that shouldnot be taken lightly in any way shape or form.  Allow me to illustrate with an image: 

Chuck Norris is a WMD

That’s right, I speak of no other WMD than Mr. Chuck Norris himself.  Hell we’ve all visited The Chuck Norris Fact Generator and know that the man is an absolute killing machine. Huckabee, politics has done some low things in history but to think that you could get Chuck Norris’s support and that people wouldn’t catch on to the subtle threat that says, “Vote for Huckabee or Chuck Norris will eat your babies!” is just wrong.  I’ll admit I am putting my life on the line even writing this post but somebody has to do it.  Don’t let Huckabee use Norris to scare you.  Sure Norris may be able to render a small country uninhabitable in just a couple of hours but I doubt Huckabee is really going to want his supporter to go about killing people who disagree with him.  So be brave, stand up to Huckabee and his deadly deadly weapon.  Sure maybe some of us might get really roundhouse kicked in the face but the sacrifice is worth it, that’s the cost of freedom.

On that note if Chuck Norris comes to destroy me any time soon remember all the good things I did in this life and also that I never really cared for orange juice.

~ by Nathaniel on January 4, 2008.

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