Bridge fear

Scared of Bridges?

Growing up it was usually my father who was the big storyteller in my family but the above story from the New York Times reminds me of one of my mom’s stories from her childhood.  I guess my grandfather (mom’s dad) used to like to take his family out for a Sunday drive after mass every week.  On one occasion they were approaching a bridge and my grandfather casually asked “is everybody ready to go over the bridge?”  For some reason this simple statement scared my mother, as a little girl, quite bad.  She interpreted my grandfather’s question as meaning that they were going to “go over” the bridge and into the water below.  That occurrence has seemed to have had a lasting effect on my mom because, while I don’t think it is quite a serious phobia, she certainly doesn’t care too much for bridges.  Just kind of interesting to me; one occurrence is all it can take to create an aversion to something.  I hate orange juice just because one time when I had a stomach flu I drank some and it didn’t settle all that well to say the least.  

~ by Nathaniel on January 8, 2008.

One Response to “Bridge fear”

  1. I had bad steak tartare once. (yes, raw cow hamburger with a raw egg yolk, onions, capers, etc. – a one-stop eColi and salmonella dish.) I didn’t sleep very well, but managed to keep it all in until the next morning, when I proceeded to orally expunge the said steak tartare in a laser-like stream of semi-digested acidic goo just seconds after my morning wee-wee. It was spectacular.

    Needless to say, it was the last time I ate steak tartare, although Mad Cow was actually the real reason I haven’t eaten raw cow burger in like, ten years.

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