Getting the Led out!

I love Led Zeppelin.   Though I haven’t been listening to Zeppelin as long as I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd or the Beatles they are still one of the bands that I picked up at a relatively young age.  Every once and awhile I just have to do the whole Getting the Led Out thing as I did this morning on my way to work.  For Christmas my parents had bought me the two disc best of Zeppelin CD entitled “Mothership” and I threw disc two into my car’s CD player this morning and cranked the volume.  I probably looked ridiculous after I parked at work because I was too into the music to get out yet so I just sat in the car for another song or two singing along waving my head around in musical ecstasy.  I don’t give a fuck, it was wonderful.  I remember back in sophomore year of college I had put all three discs of the live performances found on “How the West Was Won” in the CD changer and blasted the speakers to full power and then proceeded to jump and flail about my room until my roommate walked in and gave me a look that said something like “you are so fucking weird some times.”  I say fuck him, it was Zeppelin and they deserve nothing less than pure ecstatic enthusiasm.  If given the opportunity I probably would have been willing to sacrifice an arm to have gone and seen them live in London last month.  Led Zeppelin is just pure raw rock n’ roll awesomeness and I have to make sure to get my regular dose or I go into withdrawal.  Kick ass, so very very kick ass!

~ by Nathaniel on January 11, 2008.

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