bacon on the mind . . .

Evan and Meg had brunch at their place this morning and I was very excited to eat some bacon there, especially because last night I had a dream about the chocolate covered bacon mentioned on the Orange Yeti the other day.  It was a horrible dream in which I wished to try this chocolate covered bacon and yet couldn’t find any anywhere.  Then finally near the end I met up with some dude who just happened to have the chocolate covered bacon and offered me a piece and I was about to take a bite and POOF!!!  I wake up.  What the fuck!  WHAT THE FUCK!  It wasn’t a dream where I was falling and about to hit the ground!  Why mind, why?  Why couldn’t you just let me savor the chocolate covered bacon?  It was horrible but fortunately the bacon I ate at brunch satiated my desire for the scrumptious meat for a little while.

A neat thing I learned on Wikipedia yesterday is that there is a page devoted to bacon grease and that four grams of the said grease contains 38 calories and is roughly 40% saturated fat.  DELICIOUS!

~ by Nathaniel on January 17, 2008.

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