This is “like” so interesting

Boy, finding good stuff on the ol’ RSS reader today.  I enjoyed this article from Discovery News.  Back in my junior year of college I took sociolinguistics, which was a pretty interesting class (made probably even more interesting by the fact that my professor was from New Zealand and spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese).  We spent a lot of time in the class talking about the way language has been changing in regards to electronic mediums such as IM and blogging.  We also spent quite a bit of time on the word “like” and how it’s meaning has changed in modern use in English.  As an individual who has quite an interest in philosophy I can’t help feeling that linguistics play a very important role in the pursuit of knowledge.  We think and express ideas in language and as such the change of language must have some kind of affect on the way in which ideas are being formed.  There are some modern linguists like Noam Chomsky who believe that philosophical thought cannot in any way be separated from language because, again, we think and express ideas in a context of language.  I would love some day to take some more classes on linguistics because I think it is a really interesting field of study that we often over look even though we are partaking in the use of language every single day. 

~ by Nathaniel on January 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “This is “like” so interesting”

  1. I’ve noticed that EVERYONE around me is starting to use “I mean” at the start of their sentences more than they insert “like” in their sentences. It’s scaring the crap out of me.

    Why say “I mean” when it’s understood that by virtue of speaking, you are already saying what you mean? Why not say “What I am about to say is…” or “Behold, I shall now speak my thoughts…”

  2. Behold, I shall now speak my thought by writing that I agree with your above statement Olivier. Starting any with “Behold” is such a grand thing. People just have to pay attention to you. No longer shall I accept the mere “I mean” when I can elevate myself to the level of “Behold!” Hell if people want to call me Lord that is fine but do not expect me to take my talking lightly. Also, perhaps I shall renounce speaking in first person. From hence fourth Nathaniel Lord is a thrid person speaker!

  3. Behold,Nathaniel Lord is already tired of speaking in the third person. I discontinue it now.

  4. Did Chomsky really say that? It sounds more Sapir-Whorf.

  5. It definitely is pretty Sapir-Whorf but I think that Chomsky might have written some about this idea too. But then agian I might just be confusing my linguistic theories. I should probably try and refresh myself on some of it.

  6. Behold:

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