Things I have learned from Wikipedia 4:

Hinduism is confusing.  Honestly I don’t even remember why I ended up reading about Hinduism in the first place (I think maybe I was trying to figure out what an avatar is but that might have come about later after reading other things about Hinduism).  All I can say is after reading most of the article on Hinduism and clicking on many of the linked articles about the gods and Karma and jazz like that, I am sitting here quite at a loss.  Now admittedly Wikipedia probably isn’t really the best place in the world to try and learn about Hinduism, I think I’d have to recommend India for that.  Still something made me go read about Hinduism and really I think all I’ve learned is that Sanskrit words sound really cool.

A note on Hinduism and India:  My aunt Jane just spent several weeks in India at some Hindu retreat kind of thingy.  I haven’t seen her since she got back but my mom said she has a shaved head  and has lost a bunch of weight.  Jane is from Ukraine and is a pretty funny woman and I am not sure why she went to India but I bet there are some really good stories.  I should probably send her an email and ask how India was.

Note on Jazz: Why did I provide a link to the Wikipedia page on jazz up above.  Probably because jazz is awesome and it can’t hurt anybody to have a little learning.  I recommend Ken Burn’s TV documentary “Jazz” if you really want to learn a lot about the music and the musicians.

~ by Nathaniel on January 25, 2008.

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