Fear Mongering

Here is my question about this article from CNN.com regarding sneaking fake bombs past airport security.  Sure the TSA says that terrorist already know about these techniques, which I have no reason to doubt, but why share this with the public?  I mean isn’t this really just going to scare people?  Is this fear mongering?  I have a lot of problems with the war on terror, not because I want terrorists to be running around and blowing shit up (no that would be really really bad) but because I believe the war on terror promotes more fear than it does a sense of safety and in such way it is actually doing some of what the terrorists want, that being terrorizing the population.  Now obviously I haven’t spent years studying the psychology and culture behind terrorism but it seems to me that an important part in the effectiveness of terrorism is keeping people scared.  Fear has an incredible power over people and leads us to do any number of things.  Now I do like being an informed individual but to me it seems like sharing these flaws to the public has the potential to create panic and more fear which in effect goes along with the lines of the terrorist’s goals of scaring our population.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with wanting to test security in areas where it may be lacking, but I’d say keep it quiet and fix the mistakes, then when flaws (such as the ones that allowed the fake bombs to get past security) get worked out announce that said security measures are working very efficiently and effectively.  Doing things this way has the means of comforting people as opposed to scaring them.  I think the media and government of this country is all to willing to embrace the idea of fear and that we need to be afraid.  Well here is the reality, even without terrorists there are hundreds of ways every day in which our lives are potentially put at risk.  Drive a car?  Hell you could be in a car crash on the way home from work.  Like drinking alcohol?  Well every drink is essentially poisoning your body, that is what getting drunk is.  Nice sunny day?  Try thinking about them UV rays that are cooking your flesh and making a breeding ground for potential cancer cells.  My point is that there is a lot of things if we scrutinize that we could (and maybe should) be worried about but often we hardly think about them.  Instead we think “dear God, they snuck fake bombs past airport security!”  I say we all need to relax.  And to CNN and the rest of the media, is all the fear mongering really necessary or helpful to anybody?  Come on people, let’s try and think a little bit logically please. 

~ by Nathaniel on January 28, 2008.

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  1. And for my next trick, I will hide twenty random pages of Proust in at least half a dozen charismatic churches across South Carolina.

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