Things I have learned at work today 3

Actually I have been learning this fact for the last two or three weeks but I’ve finally decided to post about it today.

People don’t log off computer 37.  From my desk I can terminate sessions of computers that people have forgotten to log off of when they leave and I know (possibly because I’ve kept a slight tally) that computer number 37 is left logged on more than any other computer.  I am trying to figure out why this is.  I think perhaps it is because it is an aisle computer and also in the back of the computer area so people feel they have more leaving ability, but really that doesn’t explain why people don’t take the five seconds to click log off.  Perhaps the location attracts more people who are inexperienced with using the computer area and so are not aware of the need to log off when they are done.  Whatever the reason I find it fascinating how many times throughout any given day I have to terminate 37 from my desk (today alone I’d say I’ve done so about five or six times).

~ by Nathaniel on January 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Things I have learned at work today 3”

  1. 37 is a well known magical prime number. Both digits are also prime numbers and have biblical connections. Behold the power of 37.

  2. The real question is: Do people try to download more porn on Computer 23 than any other computer?

  3. Wouldn’t they download more porn on computer 69?

  4. They don’t have that many computers. However, 23 is 69 divided by 3… which is pretty creepy when you think about the cosmic ramifications of library porn intersecting with prime numbers and numerology.

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