Sign this card

So the library is doing some whole library appreciation deal and as part of the whole shindig is sending some huge cards to the South Carolina State Legislature to thank them for their support.  My boss asked me to take one of these cards and walk around the computer area and get signatures from patrons.  This was a weird thing to do.  I didn’t really mind all that much (it isn’t like it is all that hard to ask somebody to sign a card) but it was a little strange walking up and down the computer aisles and saying “excuse me would you mind signing this card to show your appreciation for the public library system?”  Amazingly only two people said that they would not sign, which I guess is pretty good.  Then again ,considering those two people (both of whom are in the library all the time) made me almost want to say something like, “seriously you won’t sign a simple card that says thank you for providing me with free Internet and book loans even considering the fact that you are here very very often?”  But hell you can’t force somebody to do something they don’t want to right (Well you can but it probably isn’t very nice if not also possibly very illegal)?  So yup, signature seeking Lordisimo here.  My boss said I did a good job.  Praise makes me happy. 

~ by Nathaniel on January 29, 2008.

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