The Josie Drawings

ChipperDemon‘s January CD mix is supposed to be released tomorrow with the potential title of “Josie Bob: Balls and Boobs.”  Considering that last month I took my grand ol’ time to make a CD cover I thought I’d get on the ball and start some drawings yesterday so as to be able to make something to go with the pending CD.  Having only the possible title and Bear’s pictures of Josie on his Flickr account to work with I managed to sketch up what I think is a pretty good drawing.  Then using the OrangeCoat scanner I put the drawing into digital format to give some more playing around options on Adobe PhotoShop and to eventually make a CD cover using Microsoft Office Publisher.  So far looks like things are up to schedule, now just waiting on Mad to make a track list and I’ll hopefully get the whole thing put together tomorrow.  I am probably not suppose to give out sneak peaks of the artwork, but what the hell, this might be the best drawing of a dog I’ve ever done.

The Josie Photo Here is the photo that I looked at to make the drawing.

Josie Drawing This is a scanning of the actual drawing

Josie Drawing 2 On this one I tried to use my stylus tablet to make Josie’s left ear a little bigger.  I am still in the learning process of the stylus and it is kind of hard to get the pressure sensitivity down right.  Also it is hard to figure out which brush in PhotoShop best simulates actual pencil stroke.

Photocopy filter Used the Photocopy filter to get this image.  It does a good job at making it look like something a real Xerox machine would do.

Dot Matrix Kind of dot matrix looking . . . I don’t remember off the top of my head which filters I used to get it to look like this.

 Sumi-e The Sumi-e Brush Stroke filter, I think this one looks really cool.

I love all the fun jazzy stuff you can do to images in PhotoShop as well as all the cool little detailing things I am learning to do using the stylus tablet.  I’ll probably play around with the image some more tonight to see what else I can do.  Hopefully the CD cover for January will looking really rockin’ when I’m all done.

~ by Nathaniel on January 29, 2008.

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  1. I’m sure Google images has already picked up this entire thread of sketches and is broadcasting it all over the internets as we speak.

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