books, books, books

My now often stated mantra is “I like books, books are good” and there is little to deter me from that stance.  Still at times I find myself utterly amazed at the sheer volume of books that exist.  Now in my fifth year of working in a library (I worked all four years in college at my school’s library) and I am still finding books that when I look at the title or topic I raise my eyebrow and say, “Is anybody ever going to read this?”  Now the publishing industry isn’t made of a bunch of saps and so I have to conclude that any book that can be found was published on the assumption that somebody indeed would read said book even if it is entirely about the sleeping habits of Eurasian earthworms (I don’t know if a book on this topic actually exists, I just made it up, but honestly I wouldn’t be surprised).  I guess I am starting to assume that just about anything one can think of has probably found its way into book form at some time or another.  And yet I haven’t written my book(s).  I guess more or less I am writing this post as a way to say something like “Damn-it Lordisimo!  Get on the fuckin’ ball man!”  Now I don’t like getting yelled at by anybody, much less myself, so my natural reaction is probably something along the lines of, “Hey!  Fuck you!  I’ll do what I want!”  Then I’d stop and think to myself, “Is yelling at oneself inside one’s brain a sign of insanity? . . . Nah!  it’s normal.”  Yup, that is just about how things go down.  Lots of books, probably should be contributing myself, . . . eh, nobody is perfect.

~ by Nathaniel on January 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “books, books, books”

  1. Perhaps the book you wish to write will materialize out of what you’ve written in your blog postings.

    So you may unwittingly already have begun your book.

  2. The Writing Challenge:

    A few years ago, some friends sent me a list of words and told me to use them to write a two page story or chapter of a bogus book. It could be about anything. All i had to do was use every single word. It was a great little exercise that helped me get back into writing fiction – as opposed to blog posts.

    The words they gave me were VERY random.

    It took me a few hours, but I had a blast doing it. I will post the result on TNWoOo later today.

    Your list of words for this week:

    Motion theory
    Key card

    The rules:
    1 Story or chapter.
    All words must be used.
    You have seven days.

  3. My goodness, I hope that I’ve accumulated good material here to write a book with.

  4. Olivier, the utter wonderfulness of your challenge thrills me. I begin.

  5. […] In response to my earlier post today, Books, Books, Books, Olivier challenged me to create a story using all of the following words: Cosmic, Basil, Junk, […]

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