Things I have learned at work today 4

Paint (that being the drawing program that comes with Windows) is really not all that good at editing images.  This isn’t really news to me but I thought that I’d say it anyways.  I was working on the January ChipperDemon CD cover and using Paint to fix up just a few little bits and it was frustrating me.  Again, not that I’m surprised, Paint isn’t really made to be doing any fancy image editing, but still it annoys me.  I bet if I was really patient I could get Paint to do some rather impressive stuff, but I am neither patient or all that interested in trying anything fancy on Paint.  So yeah, Paint sucks, enough said.  

In hindsight I could have used Picnik which would have probably worked better and come out looking nicer.

~ by Nathaniel on January 31, 2008.

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