I hate horseshoe crabs

This new fossil suggests that horseshoe crabs have had hundreds of millions of years to develop their utter evilness.  When they were ready they wiped out the the dinosaurs and made it look like an asteroid impact down in Mexico was responsible.  They have been keeping on the down low since then but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they are making plans to use robots to overthrow humanity in the not too distant future.  Also, I theorize, that the monster from “Cloverfield” was actually created by evil horseshoe crab scientists who genetically engineered a cross between a baboon, a snapping turtle, and iridium hull plating.  Further they got the general visual look from the Rancor in “Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.”  

~ by Nathaniel on February 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “I hate horseshoe crabs”

  1. I wonder if rollie-pollies are their minions sent from the underworld to spy on our ways.

  2. […] of blog hits that one gets.  Today this was very evident to me as one of my posts from last week (I hate horseshoe crabs) has gotten more hits before noon today than General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse has ever gotten […]

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