I’ve know this for awhile, but smart tagging can increase the number of blog hits that one gets.  Today this was very evident to me as one of my posts from last week (I hate horseshoe crabs) has gotten more hits before noon today than General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse has ever gotten on a single day (so far 180 hits a day).  I think it is all because I tagged the “Cloverfield” monster on that post.  Of course, and this is a question I’ve had for awhile about blog hits, I wonder if there are bot programs that can hit ones site and raise your numbers?  Probably are and as such the number of hits a day may not be as accurate as real people sitting down and reading your blog, which I guess I’m okay with because who really gives a fuck right?  Oh well, I haven’t been very creative today so this might be it for blog postings, at least for now.  I’m busy updating my resume and job searching (also drawing pictures at my desk and making faces at people — just kidding, I’m not really drawing).

~ by Nathaniel on February 4, 2008.

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